To benefit our employees, Eagle has gone Paperless!

Our employee’s now have a fast and convenient way to check their weekly payroll, yearly tax documents, and keep up with our latest news and updates all from your computer or smart phone.

Our company share website is now available to all employees. It provides with convenient access to …

  • Your weekly detailed paysheet,
  • Up-to-date company news and information.
  • You can view our latest company contests
  • Our latest announcements
  • Updated Policies

Please visit:
Username: Your first initial and last name (Example: John Smith –

Password: Last four digits of your social security number (when prompted to change your password, please re-enter the last 4 of your SSN)


Our payroll website is where you will find your weekly pay stubs which will reflect your tax deduction, garnishment deductions, as well as your yearly tax documents, etc.

Please go to:
Your Registration Pass Code: eaglekmc-1234

If you need to update/change any of your information (including password reset), please give our payroll department a call toll free at 888-574-4325. Keeping us up to date is the best way to insure that your pay and personal information is always correct.

Thank you,
Eagle Payroll Department