Are you looking to earn extra money while on the road? Do you want to help others on their journey to a new career? Eagle is looking for truck driver trainers.

Wondering what your extra pay would look like? Check out this example below.


Your CPM is currently at $.35. As a trainer your CPM would be $.32(A)

  1. Currently at an average of 2500 miles per week, you would make $875 per week.
  2. Over an average 5 week period, this would mean you would average $4375 (gross).

At an average of 5 weeks with a student, your increase becomes:

  • Week 1 with student on truck CPM X 1000 (B) extra miles on truck $320 (AxB)
  • Week 2 with student on truck CPM X 1250 (C) extra miles on truck $400 (AxC)
  • Week 3 with student on truck CPM X 1500 (D) extra miles on truck $525 (AxD)
  • Week 4 with student on truck CPM X 1750 (E) extra miles on truck $560 (AxE)
  • Week 5 with student on truck CPM X 2000 (F) extra miles on truck $640 (AxF)

This comes out to an extra $2445 for 5 weeks compared to running solo. (1)

Trainer Pay Differential (vs .35 CPM solo) comes to 12500 mi X $.04 CPM = $500.00 (over 5 week period).

There is also $350 sign on bonus available for having a student come over to Eagle. This means there is the potential for you to gain an extra $2795 per student compared to what you can make as a solo driver.

The bonus alone comes to $2450 available with an average of 7 students per year. With everything combined we start to see this:

  • $2445 pay for additional miles vs solo miles (see 1)
  • $350 Eagle Sign On Bonus
  • <$500> Trainer Pay Differential (based upon .35 solo pay).
  • $2795 gross income per student X 7 students per year (if they come over to Eagle), this comes to $19,565 yearly additional (over $1600 monthly).

What are you making now? $___________________ compared to…$_____________________________

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